Content Strategy 

Content is king. Whatsmore content isn't just the words on a page. It could be a video, picture, animation or infographic. Having a content strategy that feeds into your bigger business and marketing goals is crucial. If you don't know your tweet from snap - then it's time for a little help. 

Firstly, what channels are you operating on? Are you blogging, tweeting or living for the 'gram? If you're feeling puzzled already, then I can help you decide which platforms are the most relevant to your business and help get you up and running.  

If you're already set up and posting, share your links with me so I can do a mini-audit. Then let's get together and chat out exactly what you need. 

Now comes the big one. Depending on what you want/ need I can run a full social media / content audit looking at what you have, what is working and what isn't. At this point, you can call it a day and be off with your audit to go it alone, or we can keep working together and I will develop a strategy based around these findings. 

Once I'm returned from the strategy war room, we'll reconvene for more coffee and cake and I'll share your strategy. You can then decide if you want to execute this internally or with a little assistance.