Kantar Worldpanel is an international company dealing in consumer knowledge and insights based on continuous consumer panels. Kantar Worldpanel is part of the Kantar Group the Data Investment management Division of WPP.

For two years I worked alongside an editor developing the content, layout and production of the Brand Footprint report. This 43 page, global report is the most comprehensive study of the most chosen FMCG/CPG brands. It explores how shopping behaviours change under the lenses of geography and socioeconomics.

The report consisted of talking heads with brand leaders, focused features on specific FMCG categories, a breakdown of each region and a speculative look at future trends. We took on the planning and structure of the report, researching and creating new feature ideas as well as interviewing c-suite experts across the world.

To create the report we were often given raw data to spot trends globally and locally. As well as mining data for interesting insights I also interviewed market leaders across the world for insight into their location. My task was not simply to transcribe, but set interview questions that would give me answers I could turn into relatable and engaging stories.

As further PR support, I also developed some of the themes into longer thought-leadership articles for various media titles. Including this article in the Guardian.

On request, I can share a copy of this report.