Website copy

Panda, Penguin, Pigeon and Hummingbird. What do these four have in common, apart from being adorable? They are all names of Google Algorithm updates.

You see, writing great puns isn't all there is to copywriting. Making sure you are optimising your website for SEO is vital in the noisy world of search engines. When we begin working together, it's likely I'll ask for access to your Google Analytics. I'll do this to get a look at what key words you are ranking for. We'll discuss this and work out the best plan of action to make sure you rank where you need to. 

Are you skimming this bit? I wouldn't be surprised as our attention span for websites is less than 10 seconds! Your copy needs to be concise, informative and engaging to keep a captive audience. 

Three is the magic number. I'll begin by providing you with three possible content routes to find the tone that is right for you. From these tester paragraphs you can choose your favourite and we'll go from there. 

Whether your brand has been revamped and your words need a little primping, or you are starting from scratch, I can help. Looking at the user experience (UX) we will find the best way to navigate your website offering. 

Want to find out more about how the process works? Get in touch.